A Dying Wish

A Dying Wish

The brutal cold seemed to seep into her very bones
Her soul shivered as she lay broken by the lonely road
Clueless about how she had ended up in such a horrific mess.
What had started out as a routine day, had now turned into the worst nightmare of her life. 

Hurt beyond words, 
Hurt beyond screams she was
Violated, burned and left to die, 
Barely able to feel,
Barely hanging onto life she was 
Yet she felt the chill, settling into her body, or what was left of it

If only she could find her way back home, 
Crawl back into her warm blankets
If only she could get back,
Curl up in her favourite nook by the window
Maybe then, she could unfeel the horrors 
that she had had to endure
Maybe then, she could unsee the beasts wearing human faces, 
With hearts colder than ice
Maybe then, she would understand why they had treated her like this, 
Worse than a ragdoll in the hands of a toddler.

She had always hated the cold with a passion,
Now she had yet another reason to.
When others had waited to welcome winters with cheerful smiles 
All she had wanted to do was sleep the chilly days away. 

With dying eyes, she looked up at the darkened sky, 
And wished for the dawn to come soon
So she could feel the morning heat upon her skin one last time.
So she could feel the morning warmth on her face, and feel safe one last time.
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