A Fallen Leaf

Bindu Pillai posted under Book Review on 2020-10-03

I joined Penmancy just over a month back. I had sent a story as a guest writer. The reviews which I received from the team were overwhelming. It's around that time I heard about this anthology A Fallen Leaf and my curiosity was awakened. I wanted to read the stories from wonderful writers who were reviewing and giving their wonderful inputs about my work. The tone of each story is set by the brilliant poems composed by Olinda Braganza. My interest piqued right from the first story 'Canary in a Coal Mine' by Rianka Saha. It sustained till the end with the last story in the anthology 'Two Pilgrims' by Rham Dhel. The plots, the characters, the connections, the patterns were all woven so seamlessly with the theme of the anthology.  Every story had something to offer, to ponder about. It was a perfect amalgamation of tragedy, romance, comedy and poetry in words. The stories stay with you long after you have finished reading. The story that resonated with me and with which I had an instant connect was 'Useless' written by Shailaja Pai. I felt Nisha, the protagonist, was telling my story. Overall my opinion to this anthology is it is a must read for book lovers and it should enjoy a prestigious place in your collection of books. All credit goes to the team of Penmancy for bringing this wonderful collection of short stories from writers across the country. Grab your copy here: