A Love Saga

A Love Saga

Lores of  valour and heroism of the Gallant
Reaches the beauty, cupid strikes her in  an instant
The Gallant bemused by tales of her beauty, striking 
Falls in amour, as he sights her portrait, poised, charming 
But her father counters the match

To spite Gallant ,invites all but him to his castle
A swayamvar of kings, arranges he for his  bairn, gentle
A statue of the Gallant, places at entrance
Trying to affront, insult and disgrace, the prince
The news of swayamvar reaches the Gallant

Princess dressed soigne enters the Hall of swayamvar
Frantic eyes  search , seek  brigand in his armour
Ignoring kings ,walks briskly to the statue to garland 
 Gallant hidden behind takes the  garland, and her soft  hand
Bolts off with her on a horse to their own world 
Note.The adventurous tale of love of Prithviraj and Samyuktha

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