A Lover’s Soliloquy

A Lover’s Soliloquy

Why o why does the room feel cold?
Is it the wind or ‘cause my heart’s forlorn!
Writhing in sorrow deep, I toss and turn in sleep
Tears ceaseless, can my pillows hold?

Hold my hand”, these words still linger
While I lay on the floor, stretching my hand
Ah! Your smiling face gradually disappears
As I touch it with my finger.

Finger, now devoid of your ring
Has taken solace in beers and cigars
None can replace the void, for deep within I know
That there are no smiles they can bring!

Bring back the passions flying high
The fervent touch, the kiss amidst the rain
Let me relive these moments precious, one more time
No matter how, or where, or why!


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