A New Beginning

Ramilyn posted under PenMuse-01 Poetry on 2018-11-10

T’was the coldest winter, our hands entwined You gave me that smile I had not seen in a while I knew then there was something in your mind. You said, “This is the last night that we would be together --So let’s cherish it, a night to remember.”

My heart ached, my mouth dry I could only cry I asked, “Why must we say goodbye?” “Because this isn’t life!” was your reply.

Wheelchair-bound, your dreams drowned At every opportunity, you wished to dance with me Carry me in your arms and work your charms Go cycling, trekking, and para-gliding Experience life with all limbs working.

So we went to Switzerland to execute your plan It had been six months since you were gone.

Since then all the beauty before me Looked lifeless and empty Oh, how I missed you every single day.

You left, I wept “Why you?” I asked the heavens I had no answer, I could only wonder.

“My love,” you said, “my last breath wasn’t your death, --Move on, live life to the fullest.” I woke up smiling Ready to start a new beginning.