A Very Ordinary Girl

Sarita Khullar posted under Poetry

Timid and scared, lacking all confidence,  I crave for love , though I deserve not,  It hurts when ignored, pains when mom scolds, Suffer immensely as friends mock or ignore, Tears flow unabated at teacher’s casual remark, With bowed head I plan murder or suicide  Vulnerable and weak , true talent I seek, I retort with anger inediquate I feel, Mirror mocks at me, as a pimple sprouts,  Feel ugliest in the world , envious of friends,  Parents feel like enemies, strangers attract,  A heart fired by passions, fierce and strange, Rebellious and fiery, ready to start a war, Flaring at comments and compliments, Partying with friends or seeking solitude, Unpredictable and mystic, just make a guess.  Is it just me or every teenaged girl ?

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