A Woman’s Prayer

A Woman’s Prayer

I pray to You O dear Lord
To make me a man of Your own accord.
When I die and it’s time to be reborn
Resend me to my husband’s arms.
Lord, I trust in You and respect Your bond
Hence the token of troth I willingly pledge to the man
Only as my woman if he is reborn!

For seven rebirths true I shall stay
As husband to this same man, I pray
So when I die please do grant this simple wish of mine, my Lord
For, after thirteen years of wedded life, I’ve come to realise
You spent Your spare time in creating this creature so sublime.
Really, tell me O dear Lord
Was it a hobby or was it humour that brought into this world ‘Man avatars’?

No bodily pain, no mental strain.
They don’t seem to suffer birthing, menstruation or parental home separation!
Much leeway they seem to get
In their manners, attire, behaviour, no sweat!
For once O dear Lord let me enjoy the profanity
Rather than vanity.
Let me see my man – now woman swirl
About in tutus and in curls
Vainly admiring while I roar
From my lazy sofa on the floor
How much longer will you take
Woman! Come we are getting late !!
Oh ! What have you cooked today
This patsy lay you call a food tray!
Come, woman! Don’t waste my time
In household chores, these vegetables, groceries and wines.
For my friends are waiting for me today
Scotch is what I crave for the day!
What meagre earning this cheque of yours?
Oh wait let me encash it. Alas !!

It must have been humour dear Lord
That into this world such inequality brought
For who doesn’t like a hearty laugh?
Another reason I fear my mind accepts not !!


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4 thoughts on “A Woman’s Prayer

  1. This review is for ‘A Woman’s Prayer’ by Dr. Guncha Gupta

    Reading the poem brought a smile to my face, for I am sure many women must’ve secretly wished the same…..
    A thought presented with such simplicity, I would’ve loved to read a bit more of it…
    A very promising writer, I’ve followed her work promptly and I like the writers style of writing, very easy to understand, no abrupt endings, goes with a good flow and prompts the reader to simultaneously imagine the situation…
    Hope to see more of her poems and short stories in the future……

  2. This is a “jeewan mantra” told in a most fabulous way rich with content , expressed as natural thought process of those who understood cycle of life

  3. Guncha, you’re a woman of choicest of apt words and love the you articulate your feelings in words. Beautiful ❤️

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