Across the Kwai River

The cosmos conspires when love is invincible.

Twin believed in love, so did Chesa. Both got introduced through a dating app and fell in love. Albeit they were in a long-distance relationship, their love grew sturdy.

Twin was working in a metropolitan city away from his hometown in Burma. Whenever he planned to visit Chesa, obstacles would get in his way, forcing them to communicate via video chats.

Sometimes they would get frustrated and disheartened, but trust and commitment kept their love fresh like dew.

Twin worked hard for a few years and saved enough money. He decided to return to Burma for good. 

“Hey honey, there’s news for you.” Twin said with excitement in his voice.

“What is it, dear?” asked Chesa impatiently.

“I’m planning to return home for good.” Twin replied.

Chesa jumped with joy at the news and said, “Fantastic. Finally, we are meeting. I have been yearning for this day.” 

Her heart filled with gratitude.

She continued, “I will meet you near river Kwai. You can use the swinging bridge to reach the other side.

Finally, the day arrived. She wore a peach colour dress with a delicate neckpiece and looked graceful like a bride. 

Though it would have taken only 15 minutes, Chesa reached an hour before and stood across the Burma Bridge on River Kwai. Her patience was running thin with every passing minute.

She smiled as soon as she caught a glimpse of him.

With her hands in the air, she shouted, "Hiii Twin." But it went unheard amidst the chaos around her.

Her eyes fell on the swinging bridge. Twin tried to walk swiftly but failed. Even after thirty minutes, he had barely crossed halfway. She patiently waited. 

Thud!!! A loud sound made everyone turn their faces towards it. The bridge had collapsed. She stood stunned, absorbed in shock. Suddenly someone standing next to her screamed, bringing her back to her senses. 

Tears rolled down her cheeks. She felt as if melancholy was raising its head. God cannot be so cruel, nor can our love dissolve. Her mind raced with thoughts.

Despite faith in her love and almighty, fear reared its head. She calmed herself and prayed for the protection of all those walking on that bridge.

The rescue crew arrived and started their search operation. After an hour, they discovered two bodies, but still, eight were missing. The search operation went on until dusk. Twin was nowhere. Chills ran down her spine, but Chesa did not lose hope.

“Twin, where are you?” Chesa kept calling his name until it reached his ears. 

“Ch… Chesa….,” he tried to answer, but his voice failed. 

Suddenly Chesa saw a hand beckoning for help. She rushed to the spot with the crew. 

“Twin, are you ok?” she checked and hugged him tightly. Her eyes welled up with tears of joy. She went on her knees, thanked the almighty with folded hands and whispered in his ears. 

The cosmos conspires when love is invincible.


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