Alone but not Lonely

Alone but not Lonely

It was an admirable whirlwind romance
Was our meeting destined or was just by chance
Our love like a wild rose briar was blooming
Through clouds a beautiful melody streaming

Soon evolved a marital relationship
In vicissitudes of time still a friendship
Alas! One day the star was to disappear
But while I live on let our love persevere

Absence and endearing presence felt in time
The starless empty skies feeling dark sublime
Though deep passion I felt he could not return
Was I the more loving me feeling heart burn

Yet I felt his presence in the world around
His memoirs and party of friends did surround
Moments and anecdotes we all reminisce
Stars then began to reappear in the skies

Though the stars shine in the sky but I still say
In the galaxy brightest one missed each day
Am enriched with fulfilling experience
Engaged in his interests not his absence

A graceful ageing with no dark storm no rain
Myriad hues at dusk for meeting again.


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