An Absurd Plot

You decide to take the plunge, finally. You set today’s date. But you’re confused. Sceptical. Lost. A victim of tricky mind games.  No, I’m not ready yet. I need more time. But when? When? You pace anxiously. No, I can’t do it. What if I fail? It’ll mean the end of my existence, my dream to reform my past. And return to shape a rewarding future. The fear of failure sent a chill down your spine. You don’t wanna quit, but your mind is clouded with millions of What if’s. They are holding you back, preventing you from a disastrous fall or from creating history, you know not.  For ten years I dedicated my time and patience and drained my intellect to make this happen. It’ll be a shame to step back now. I’ll never get the closure I seek. The past will keep haunting and tormenting me. Either I’ll die with regrets or live rejoicing my victory.  You play Marconi Union’s Weightless and lie down on the couch. An hour later, you walk up to the machine, type a number and set the location. You then equip yourself like a soldier ready to battle every adversity and step inside the Tardis. As it secures you within its walls, you inhale deeply and hit the ‘Go’ button.  *** You’re on a deserted street. The chilly winter wind cuts through your skin, making you shiver. You see the familiar spot from a distance. Time check: 21:30. Five minutes to go. You secure the taser inside your pocket and wait for the right moment. Four human silhouettes appear around the corner. You calculate carefully. Ten steps and our paths will cross at the junction. 21:35. As your shadow merges with theirs, they encircle you like a pack of hounds, ready to pounce. They rejoice their find and fail to notice the smirk on your face.  Zzzz...zzzz....zzzz...zzzz... “Ouch!” You drag their cataleptic bodies and dump them inside the Tardis. Phew! Hope all goes as planned. You take your seat and input the details. 1934. Munich. Forty minutes later, the Tardis lands on the grounds of Munich. You open the gates and set the four men free. I’m in charge of my life. Henceforth, I will write my fate. “Have fun, boys!” You smirk and utter, “Hail Hitler!” The door of the Tardis retracts. A sense of contentment fills your soul. You hit the ‘Return Home’ button and recline on the seat.  ***   You re-read the entire piece. “What crap have I written? The protagonist, a young girl and a victim of abuse, becomes a scientist over time, builds a time machine, travels back in time, and punishes the criminals by leaving them at the mercy of the ruthless Nazis’. This is absurd and cannot qualify as a good story. I need to think of better plots before my publisher certifies me as a lunatic.” You pick the pen and paper and sit to write a new story. Hopefully, I'll write a better one this time.  Glossary: the Nazis called Munich the Hauptstadt der Bewegung (Capital of the Nazi Movement).   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!