An Evening to Remember

Life is unpredictable. A person's  life can undergo a complete transformation at the drop of a hat. While those on the higher  range lead a worry- free life, the less privileged  are gripped with worry about their futures. Uma was happy that evening as it was a special moment in her life. She wanted to enjoy herself without any disturbance   She had  suffered  a great deal being sidelined by her man. Giving in to his ego, he prevented her from scaling great heights. Uma gulped the pain. She felt choked. But all,  everyone noticed was the exterior. No one saw her mental agony. She was a good singer.  She had married a man of her choice, a good upcoming  singer. He was a  reputed person and he soared high.  Both were invited to perform in many functions but he took center  stage and Uma was left behind. It continued for years.  She was never appreciated. During one such program, Uma missed some words while singing but gathered herself and continued to sing. But that one look from her partner, made her shudder. That insult got embedded in her heart. During a gathering at her home, Uma greeted everyone with a fake smile. One of her close friends Radha noticed her sorrow. She pulled Uma aside and asked, " Tell me what is troubling you.?" Radha's endearing gesture brought Uma's emotion out into the open. She had bottled the pain within herself and when Radha nudged her, the truth sprung like a volcano threatening to spoil everything around her. " Am I a bad singer?  Why am I not receiving  any appreciation? Don't  women deserve to shine?" spoke Uma. Radha calmed her with a glass of water. Radha was a social worker for Women's  Rights. She promised Uma that she would help her in fulfilling  her dreams. With Radha's assurance, Uma felt relieved and both went out to the lawn and  enjoyed the party. Uma  stayed relaxed now and  waited for an opportunity to come along. Uma received an invitation to perform in a  College Award function. She was super excited and thanked the Lord  She started to plan for that day with Radha about the dress to wear and the get up. Uma started  to rehearse the song daily.  She gained confidence as her man too supported her. The day arrived for her to show her talent. " The door opened and she stepped out- barely recognizable in her  new avatar." All the eyes were on that beautiful woman. Uma draped a cream sari with a red border, and a string of flowers hung from her braided hair just like Lata Mangeshkar. She smiled with her folded hands at her man who sat in the front row. He seemed  happy. That was her first solo performance. Like a river flowing, she sang the tunes of her heart. The applause she received  filled her with happiness. After that function, she became popular and was offered to perform in many functions. She climbed the steps to success and became the most sort out singer. She travelled all over India and abroad. It was a day she would remember forever. All is well that ends well. Note. This write up, I wrote taking inspiration from the movie,  Abhiman.   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!