An Ode to Winter

Autumn left and allowed winter to set The days get shorter, the nights lengthen Long nights give the warmth of the cosy quilt. Dawn lightens up with birds chirping Oh! The refreshing morning As if calling everyone to go outside. I open the door to go to the garden Dew sparkles on grass and leaves The beauty of pearls spread all over the place My heart gets joyous with the beautiful scene. My garden gets full with colourful flowers The roses, Chrysanthemum and marigolds The beautiful garden takes away the breath. O Indian winter, you are so kind and sweet Giving the warmth of sun throughout the day How I fear the winter in Europe The very thought of it numbs my nerves How they, they're covered from head to toe Take coffee after coffee to warm them up. We are very fortunate to live here It is always tolerable whether it's winter, summer, or rain I love you, winter, I adore you You are always well come to make us cool. _____