And then comes the winter

Beryl posted under PenMuse-01 Poetry

And then comes the winter suddenly, fiercely Leaving the forest shrouded in snow and silence. The dark night sky is so deep and translucent That you can see through a million years ago. Tonight a thousand stars have disappeared Forever engulfed by the abyss of time Like old friends, you shall never see again The heart grieves their absence, now everlasting. Many years ago there were so many warm summers And before that, bursting blossoms of endless springs The meadows in autumn were wild and free The breath of gentle winds caressed our long days. Somewhere some bird sat and sang a sad song I can still hear her, though I know not what she sings. Her tears are like those stars that have vanished Her song is like the mystery of our ephemeral lives. Whoever understands this beauty will weep And whoever weeps shall wander in joy Through the falling snows of winter Through the dark forests of the world All across the weary frost laden landscape Where Death stalks the traveler with his frigid hands. And if one morning, I am gone I shall always remember her song And depart gracefully, like the bird and the stars.