Furious eyes blaze like scalding steel
Lips spew fire, tempers are raised,
Turmoil and rage plunder and steal
Sanity of mind, close bonds are razed.

Like a careless spark on fallen leaves
Ignited by reckless words, not too kind,
Fuelled by ego, cool reason leaves 
Mad wildfire burns scars of every kind.

Raging, red flames fly left and right
Burn holes in hearts bring tears in eyes,
They care not who’s wrong and who is right
Neither water can douse them, nor rain of ice.

When the flicker of anger tries to peek
Through patience thin as a flimsy veil,
Quell it, for if the inferno does peak
Only ashes will hear your remorseful wail.
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Shailaja Pai

Shailaja Pai is a stay-at-home mom with a newfound passion for writing. She loves writing fiction on women's issues and social issues. She has authored a few blogs on other platforms and won many of their 100-word story contests.
Shailaja Pai

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