Arc Beyond Tempest

Damini, the children's right activist took the car keys kept on her table and left hurriedly to rescue Jyoti. She had received a call from a volenteer in Jodhpur, who would called her up saying she was urgently required to rescue a girl named Jyoti   " They are forcing Jyoti to marry before reaching a legal marriageable age. Please reach Harikothi as soon as possible ." The scene near Harikothi , during the winter of 1998 was a pathetic one. A mere twelve year old Jyoti, was dressed up like a bride . She kept crying and protesting   " please don't get me married now Ma Sa . I want to pursue my studies. I don't want to marry at such a young age. Please can you stop this Ma Sa." Meanwhile the groom's father arrived at the grand gate of the Harikothi. He was welcomed by Jyoti's father amidst the sounds of drum beats and traditional Rajasthani folk songs.  " But Ma Sa , the groom is almost fifteen years older than me. How can I live with him. Please don't crush my dreams.  My teacher ,Daya told me that it is illegal to marry girls below eighteen years." Soon Damini stormed inside with a lightening speed . The Sky above the Harikothi was turning purple . Jyoti 's school teacher Daya entered carrying some legal documents. Damini spoke up commandingly ignoring the men assembled at Harikothi for the celebration. " Stop this marriage immediately Devansh Khandelwal. This is illegal. I have the court orders to prove this." Devansh Khandelwal's face turned pale as a white sheath. He fell on Damini's feet seeking forgiveness as the inspector approached him with an arrest warrant. This was the forty third victim of child marriage that she had rescued . Holding Jyoti's hand she declared " Yes dear all storms must come to an end. Together,we will bring a wave of change . We will stop the child marriages forever." Jyoti's face beamed like the full moon. She realised it was time to bid adieu to the most challenging storm in her life.She looked at Damini with a new found hope and shared her dream exhuberantly. " Didi will you help me study. I want to be a Gynocologist ."  Damini nodded in affirmation before  heading with Jyoti to 'Nayi Disha '( New Direction),the shelter ,set up for the rescued girls .Jyoti smiled radiantly when she saw all the girls who had faced a terrible storm in their lives preparing for a comeback to welcome a blissful rainbow  " I am indebted to  Daya teacher and Damini Mam. It was all due to result of their timely rescue that, I was able to fly with my rainbow coloured wings. They helped me pursue my education with the other girls in ' Nayi Aasha'. This is how I became a gynecologist today." Dr Jyoti Bharti  declared  on Women's Day.Her words gave a ray of hope to many young girls who dreamt of flying with rainbow wings beyond the tempest. Note: _ This story is based around the true life incidents of Kiti Bharti. She was born on 19th August 1987 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. She is a rehabilitation Psychologist and children's rights activist. She and her team Sarathi have annulled around 42 child marriages and stopped 1400 such cases from happening. Source : Wikepedia    Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!