As Into a Slumber She Sank

As Into a Slumber She Sank

the stars in her eyes vanished, 
a stillness touched our abode 
as into a slumber she sank. 

was it the wintery wail, 
or just the numbness of death 
that gave our skins pinpricks? 

else, the menacing tall shadows, 
clambering across  candlelit walls 
to whisper adieux in her ears. 

as her bier, they bore away,
ghastly shapes their breathes made,
in the middle of that night. 

not a soul tiptoed across.
not a pane lit, nor scurried mice,
through silent streets, when they strode. 

all smelt of death; except
fingers moving rosary beads; 
and revelling raven-like men.

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