The triversen is a loose form of sentence-long tercets developed by William Carlos Williams. In other words, each stanza is composed of one sentence split into 3 lines, and each line has 2 to 4 beats or 4-8 syllable count. The poem is nonrhyming, and as a whole, has 6 stanzas or 18 lines total.

Example by Robert Lee Brewer

“today we buried mom”

today we buried mom
& 1,000 red-winged blackbirds
found a branch in our backyard.

the shadow of a deer
was spotted on a snowdrift,
wind sneaking into our house.

everyone knows everyone
dies & then we’re faced
with how to handle the body.

in her favorite dress
we buried mom with some lilies
& a john wayne poster.

i’ve been trying to forget
the last time we talked
but here i am alone with you.

1,000 blackbirds hold the trees
before loosening their grip
to disappear in the sun.


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