Back to the Future

Back to the Future

“Hello and welcome to the lab of Mr. Babbage,
Said he, as I stood stunned seeing the assemblage.
The first to conceive the idea of a Digital Computer,
Flaunted the Engine’s capabilities to his spectator.

“Oh my, how I wish you could see the future!
I exclaimed cutting off his elucidation on nomenclature.
His affirmative led me to prepare our travel,
Back to the future, for the scientist to unravel.

Desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone
Fascinated the inventor, as he felt dethroned.
As I opened MS Skype to participate in a scheduled call,
“Gosh, this thing even speaks!” cried out he, like a kid enthralled.


Author’s Note :- This poem is simply meant to be a funny take on the Father of the Computer, Mr. Charles Babbage’s reaction when he gets to have a peek at the never-ending Skype calls happening in every household these days. Don’t these computers talk too much today, literally? 

This is purely fictional and the author’s intention is not to offend anybody’s sentiments. The author herself has a very high regard for scientists and their inventions.


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One thought on “Back to the Future

  1. Perfect rhymes and flow between the stanzas. You have a great imagination which is clearly seen with this Clerihew.

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