Bebey's Day Out

Monica Singh posted under Book Review on 2024-06-03

Author Lakshmi CV’s fictional debut, Bebey’s Day Out & Other Stories, is a remarkable anthology comprising twelve short stories, each offering a unique glimpse into different facets of human experience and emotion. 

This collection spans various genres and timelines, taking readers from the modern IT hubs of Gurgaon and Bangalore to the cotton fields of seventeenth-century Deccan.

The standout feature of this book is its diversity. Each story is distinct in its voice, characters, and situations, showcasing the author’s versatility and creativity. The narratives are crafted with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the human psyche, making them relatable, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

While each story is engaging in its own way, here are a few that I particularly adore:

The title story, Bebey’s Day Out, is a heartwarming tale that highlights the conflicted relationship of an old lady with her grown-up sons during the demonetisation times. 

Double the Seven-Year Itch, which offers a hilariously sharp look at the dynamics of matrimony. Lakshmi CV’s witty prose shines here, as she delves into the complexities of married life with a touch of humour and irony. 

Aruna is another powerful narrative about empowerment, identity, and resilience. 

Ration My Rice has horror elements in it and is by far the most electrifying of all the stories. I had goosebumps as I read it! 

Lakshmi CV’s use of language is one of the strongest aspects of this collection. Her prose is simple yet vivid, with a wit that makes each story memorable. The author’s voice is distinct and consistent throughout the anthology, creating a cohesive reading experience despite the diversity of the stories.

The only story I feel needed a little more development is ‘The Future is Here’. It has a fantastic and relatable premise, especially in the context of our post-pandemic world. The narrative needed more length to fully explore its intriguing concept and provide a more satisfying resolution.

Overall, Bebey’s Day Out excels in its ability to present fresh and well-executed stories. The collection offers a plethora of emotions and experiences. Each story has its own unique twist, often hilarious, shocking, or snarky.

This is one of the best short story collections I have read this year. It is exquisitely clever, vibrant, and superbly enjoyable. Lakshmi CV’s talent for storytelling is evident in each story, making this collection a must-read for anyone who enjoys short stories and anthologies.

This book has been published by Readomania.