Blazing Friendship

She’s staring into nothingness. There are a lot of things going on in her mind. She’s unable to compose herself. She’s Isha Mehra. Her heart is burning; she’s hurt mentally. Isha is the kind of person who loves wholeheartedly. She cares for people more than herself, and she lets go of the little things or trifles that usually happen. But she can’t accept any wrongs done to her. If she can be sweet to you, she can also be dangerous. She’s always ready to protect herself and her loved ones.  This time, she’s badly hurt. Well, not in a relationship, but in a friendship. The friendship of many years is now ablaze, and the other person does not care about it.  Yeah! The other person is very diplomatic and says things that do not exist. They tell stories that never happened and then blame others for the same thing. This has hurt Isha a lot.  “Isha, stop thinking! Will overthinking solve the problems?” Another feminine voice falls into her ears.  “I just can’t let it go, Ishi Di.” Isha breaks her silence.  “Will this make her realise her mistake?” Ishi, aka Ishani, says this, looking into her sister’s eyes.  “Ishi Di, you know me. I ignore every little thing, but I am accused of something I never did.” Isha says, her voice teary. “Isha, I understand. But when she is not ready to understand, what can you do? Why do you want to waste your time on that girl, Mahi?” Ishani says it annoyingly.  Isha and Ishani are real sisters and hold immense love for each other. Being the elder one, Ishani is very protective and caring of her younger sister. She can’t bear tears in Isha’s eyes. Currently, Isha is in pain, and it is hurting Ishani equally. “Di, I loved her with all my heart. You tell me, where did I go wrong?” Isha asks, holding Ishani’s hand in hers.  “No, you’re not wrong. Some people think about themselves; others do not matter to them. Don’t you remember what Kia did with me?” Ishani looks at her sister.  “She burned the friendship with her own hands. I hate Kia!” Isha makes an annoyed face. “Sometimes, some relationships need to die, Isha. The forged friendships will always reside in our memories, but those will be the good times that we have spent with our friends. We must keep the good memories in our hearts.” Ishani says.  “You’re right, Di. I won’t lose myself for her. I will be the person I am.” Isha looks at her elder sister, who smiles affectionately at her.  “This friendship is meant to be broken, I guess. It’s been so many days; she must’ve realised by now. But no, I am wrong. It’s her way — what she does is right, and what I say or do is wrong. But not anymore!” Isha says.  Ishani smiles at her decision and embraces Isha in her arms. Sometimes, it’s better to let the relationship burn into ashes.     Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!