Break Free

Break Free

Asleep she was, in her world
Beneath several layers, hidden
Convincingly appealing to the eyes but
Desperate to break free,
Enough of answering to others
Future looked very bleak though,
Glistened like an oasis.
Heralding the happiness in store.
Inside she decided to set forth
Journey for the quest of identity,
Key for one’s survival, indeed
Least she knew, the world’s judgement
Many would only look down on her,
Not letting her to carve a niche
Oppositions everywhere will arise
Pushing her to an uncertain future
Queer she felt among them,
Restless and impatient all the while
Sleepless nights she had to spend
Tossing and turning in desperation
Ultimately, she had to decide
Venturing into the real existence
Watchful of every step that is ahead
XX, the pair changing to XY.
Yes! she did re-invent herself
Zeal, as she became, he.
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