Coffee Mornings

Charu Sood nee Walia posted under Poetry on 2018-09-20

As the sun shines through my window in the midst of the morning glow, my cravings look for a binge in the side of the coffee drawer.  Now how I see myself making a cup for me, I hear a knock from there saying open the door, hurry!  I ran up to the door and saw an old man crying, he said, can you give me some water at this time? He seemed a bit bizarre but well he wanted nothing more but some of the water from my house that can fill his empty stomach store. The reason he was thirsty was that he had a long walk or was it related to something that he had to talk? I was scared to open that long grilled metal door but then I bravely gave him a glass full of water from the lure. The sanity of his eyes took me to a level of content and soon the fear shed away when he went under the vent. Oh wow, I feel so good I told myself in surprise as this was not what I had expected when I looked into his eyes. And then I took some coffee to make one for me but then I realized it wasn't required as the old man filled his tummy. The contentment was deep and touchy and took me by my soul and so the coffee mornings made me go on a happy, happy role.