Colour me Yellow!

I steal a shy glance at the platter in gold,
This heavenly sight with a fragrance subtle yet bold,
Family and friends alike circle around me,
A ritual as ancient as time in front of me unfolds.

Colour me yellow, a glow for all to see,
A moment alone I am not allowed to be,
When oil, water and turmeric combine into a paste,
Together they will transform into a beautiful me.

Many hands touch my body and my slim waist,
Imagining my lover’s caress, I turn away red faced,
The yellow colours my body in a golden hue,
Milk set aside to bathe me in leisure, not haste.

And I surface from the heavenly bath, shining like dew,
My body feels like honey, oh so soft and new,
The heart inside beating at a hundred miles,
Awaiting my sweet love, forever true!

* * *

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Sheetal Ashpalia

With a teenage son and a full time job, writing is what Sheetal enjoys in her spare time apart from singing and reading. She firmly believes that “Something beautiful is about to happen”.

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