Crazy Greek Gods

Crazy Greek Gods

He always gets angry and threatens to smite everyone, Zeus,
(Gods don’t curse me for this) and he is as dumb as a moose,
There goes apollo singing his haiku,
Not caring when his hungry sacred cows go moo!

Poseidon and Zeus fighting like kids,
I am the best, you are the worst, I have the highest bids!
Athena, one of the few with common sense,
Though she is way, way, too intense,

Artemis slaughtering anything that comes in her way,
And killing a couple hundred monsters will make her day,
Though in the underworld, usually Hades is bickering with everyone else,
And sometimes he thinks that both the places are hells.

Author’s note – I just wanted to say, these are not all of the gods, I just took some that I had interesting lines for because it was supposed to be a three stanza poem. It was difficult to decide which one because I had a great line for Demeter but that wouldn’t fit in.

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One thought on “Crazy Greek Gods

  1. I couldn’t even imagine humor with the Greek Gods. But I guess that’s the work of a writer, to get beyond what can be imagined. The stupidity of Greek Gods, not to offend anyone, is quite interesting and hilarious.

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