Daivathil Vishwasam

“Why fear when Krishna is here?” I stopped in my tracks when I heard Kanna, my six-year-old utter these words. My words coming from him sounded different; they oozed faith. I turned to look at him. He was calm and unfazed by the events of the last few hours. He held his favorite Krishna idol in his hands. “Amma, Krishna will help us,” he said with conviction. I rushed forward and hugged him with tears in my eyes.  Yes, my son, only Krishna can protect us now.  *** Two hours earlier Rains lashed as though nature sought vengeance from mankind for titling its delicate balance. Pregnant clouds shed raindrops as big as pebbles; sounds of thunderclaps reverberated and muted every other sound. Was the wind uttering profanities? Windows and doors oscillated, threatening to be ripped off their hinges. Window panes shattered and dispelled shards of glass all over.   I was in utter panic. “Kanna, Kanna...get in quick,” I yelled to my son, playing in the patio, blissfully unaware of his surroundings. I bolted the main door shut as soon as he stepped in. “Stay here, and don’t move. Amma will shut the windows and be back in a jiffy. Until then, play with Krishna,” I said as I handed him his favorite Krishna idol. Despite the fall in temperature I was sweating. I caught a glimpse of the scene outside. Trees swayed dangerously to a howling wind, and the rain lashed mercilessly. My mind was in overdrive. What if the rains don’t stop? What if it leads to another flood? Krishna, rakshikyane! As though I had preempted danger, water started seeping into the house. I quickly carried Kanna to the floor upstairs. The last time there was a deluge, I learned it was safer on a higher floor. I gathered enough food and water to last us for a couple of days, and rushed upstairs to join him. Krishna, why put us through this ordeal?  *** 3 hours later I exhausted my story bank to distract myself, and Kanna was still hungry for more. “Amma, tell me about how Krishna saved Gokul,” Kanna insisted. Just then, we heard a rumble, followed by clinks and thuds on our roof. I held Kanna to my bosom to protect him from any mishap. Is it a landslide? Will we survive this disaster? Krishna! *** The following morning the newspaper headlines read: A landslide occured in the Kundala Estate in Munnar. Miraculously all residents are safe. One house at the far end took the brunt and stood like a barrier preventing further damage. A strange light that covered the estate like a halo guided the rescuers, making rescue operations easy.  The rescuers noted that the light originated from a jewel adorned by a Krishna idol, which a six-year-old boy held in his hand.  When our reporter spoke to the young boy, he had only one thing to say: “Why fear when Krishna is here?” Glossary: Daivathil Vishwasam : Belief in God Rakshikyane : Save me (Malayalam)   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!