Dark Desires and Damnation

Every night we waited with bated breath for our darling ladylove to lay her lips upon us. She came unabashedly. Ooh! Those furtive glances that we exchanged with her, wondering whom she would pick first. We all belonged to a tribe and had the same inherent qualities though each one of us looked a little different. You could call us shape-shifters embellished in several ways to meet her darkest fantasies. We melted in her company as she devoured us hungrily. We made her happy, elevated her mood, and gave her company during her darkest hours. However, her mom hated us. She never fathomed the chemistry that brewed between us. So our rendezvous were almost always clandestine- bedroom, couch, garage, basement, and places you wouldn’t have imagined. Her luscious curves were our favorite place to hang out, long after succumbing to desires. Our steamy affair lasted for long despite all the odds. But the devil played a vile plot in our love story. One day her mom brought in a seemingly naïve newbie. We despised her for playing the role of a matchmaker. She had hoped to get rid of us somehow by seeking the help of the new loser. We believed he was no match for us as we grossly outnumbered him. Poor guy! We didn’t  expect him to last long. He neither had the looks nor the qualities that we possessed. He was bland, skinny minny, and unattractive. We pitied him since we knew our ladylove would reject him without a second thought. We passed sarcastic remarks at him, teased him, and made his stay miserable. But he remained quiet, unperturbed by everything that we did.  We presumed that he didn't have the guts to speak up. And then one fateful night, the most dreadful thing happened. It was unexpected and unfair. Our ladylove came to pay us a visit at the stroke of midnight. While we were at our usual high, our competitor- the hopeless newbie seemed stoic. As she reached out her hand to open the door, to our dismay, she picked up the newbie and not us. We wondered if it was just a nightmare. But no! We were wrong. She betrayed us. Damn! And, finally, as if she could hear our echoing cries, she delivered a eulogy; “I love you all very much and I still do. But you see, some love stories turn tragic. You all need to go, for good. My inches have been adding up exponentially and the scale cannot handle me anymore. The newbie seems to be my best bet to fulfill my goals. He is here to stay forever. Forgive me.” Whispering endearments to the newbie, she unapologetically tossed us down an abominable hellhole where we decayed beyond recognition. We, the chocolates, were sadly executed by our very own ladylove- the culprit being the newbie, diet bar. Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!