Dreams Come True

“Dream big!  Follow your dreams till the end of the world. Age should be no hindrance to realize your dreams but most importantly, share your dreams with …..” I was getting goosebumps as I sat there, listening to her mesmerizing voice, echoing in the hall. She had been preparing for this speech for last so many days. *** Her dreams revolved around her family. She was a homemaker and had left all her aspirations to make her family happy. She always had that intriguing smile on her lips and a glint in her eyes. She would write beautiful poetry in her diary whenever she got time. But, no one got to read it not even me, but Papa used to tell us sometimes, that she read out some verses of her poetry to him. The way she handled life was mind blowing. Everything seemed easy when she was around. One day when we came home, we saw that she was sick. Her pain was reflected in her eyes. She was diagnosed with some stomach disease and had to be hospitalized. When she was in the hospital, all realized how much she did for us. We tried to do household work, but it seemed that she alone could do what we five could not, my grandparents, father, my elder brother and me. We tried to cheer up each other in between our regular visits to the hospital. We all missed her being there, we promised to ourselves that we would take better care of our lifeline, who took care of everyone. One day, our father found mom's diary, and read her poetry to us. It was enthralling and we were hearing with moist eyes. The verses touched some chord in our hearts. She had written in simple verse on various topics. Nothing flowery but everything seemed relevant and touched the heart. All of a sudden, our grandfather suggested,” we should give Mira a surprise. Let’s try to get her work published." This got us super-excited, and we all started working towards our goal. What happened next was just a miracle. Don’t know how the book was published in record time. Papa presented her the book on her return from the hospital. She looked tired, but when Papa put the book in her lap, she jumped. “Oh, you have fulfilled my long-cherished dream.” Grandma said, “But, dear you never talked about it.” "I did not want to disturb our family life,” mother said meekly. Grandpa said, " family is for sharing dreams and helping." Earlier today, the door of her room was closed. It was a big day for her. The door opened and she stepped out - barely recognizable in her new  avatar. The confidence in her stride, the smile on her face and glint in her eyes was back. We were all leaving for the function organized to launch mom’s book and to honor her. *** And she was on the dias “…..with your family and dear ones someday they will….”   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!