Dust Thoughts

Catch and crumble Catch and crumble A fleeting thought A remote feeling Melancholia or anything Crumble to dust Let it fall through your fingers On a piece of paper, romantically handmade As it settles in the dendritic imperfections of the paper (the romantics are big on imperfections) Blow the rest of it away Now you're many many thousand years dead Your dust stained paper survived Historians of the time will need it To reconstruct the 'Society and Culture' part of their thesis It will read: 21st century was a lonely time inspite of... And now that the gist of you is cramped under the header 'Society and Culture' with hundreds of kindred souls, The historians will have no use of the dust stained paper It will end up in a curio store Then they walk in, consider buying the dust stained paper, buy it After an hour or so, they are bored with it already. Their hands soiled (they are not historians), they wash it off They think, they have gotten rid of you and your dust thoughts But you are part of their biometric identity Your thoughts have traveled countable infinity

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