First Rain

First Rain

They come down in droves
In mere minutes we are drenched
The drums come later
Deafening, and announcing
“Hear ye all! there’s more there’s more”.

They are not mere rains
But the rewards we deserve
From seeds we have sown
So, don’t count the drops my friend
Count our deeds the year before

A reward or curse
That’s yet to be seen and felt
For now, just thank them
They’ve come for you, me and us
For once, let’s be a good host.

They want for nothing
Neutral, unconditional
They fall. We must rise,
Ensure, they don’t fall in vain
And keep coming every year

Look! there are lights too!
FLASH, BOOM, Croak, Pitter-Patter
The show has started
Get your cameras people!
Let’s ‘say cheese’ to the first rain!

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One thought on “First Rain

  1. Ya Mitalee… I read it before.. the first raindrops not only emits an earthy fragrance but creates a stir within us… the emotion of the hovering clouds and rain is very well depicted in your tanka… loved reading it….

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