Diving-deep into the memories as I reminisce the past
I find it tough to pin-point the day this journey began 
Effortlessly you entered in my heart reserving a perpetual dwelling
Countless themes and issues under the sun we discussed
Thousand inferences drawn respecting each others’ perceptive
Funny at times, sometimes intense enough to bring a drop of tear
Those tears cemented the twin-tower of trust we built
Both recognized each other’s unconditional support forever
Millions of hours spent in silence with a cup of tea moistening our palms
Those warm vapors perhaps thawed our frozen ego
Work schedule got hectic, professional commitment amplified
It took a few moments of rendezvous to reinstate our confidence
A realisation dawned, distance and time couldn’t weaken our connect
One of the chambers of my heart has your permanent residence
One solitary moment that will stand out with me throughout  
The day when I lost my dearest, your presence offered solace 
During tough times, secretly kept sacrifices defined our buoyancy
All credits to you for being “Friendophilia” of my life’s dictionary
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