Friends Forever

Prabhjot Singh posted under Flash Fiction QuinTale-02 on 2018-10-25

It was the time of famine in the jungle. Timon and Pumbaa roamed all the places they knew in search of food but to no avail. The only hope for them was the Legend of Foodies Paradise but the path to it was not easy. Legend says many went there in search of food but none of them returned except Chimp the Great who became a hermit after that. Though Timon and Pumbaa were reluctant to begin their journey at first, hunger prompted them to start.

Initially, they passed through a vast  desert and then through a hilly region before they reached  a cave. Above it sat an angry bull who welcomed them with scary grunt. As soon as they entered the cave they were greeted with spine-chilling screams. As the cave tunnel ended they were stunned to see large-sized houses and huge trees but there was no one around.

Suddenly, their vision blackened and they lost consciousness. When they woke up, they found themselves tied with ropes and their bodies hurting. Timon and Pumbaa realized that they were hit by treated arrows which made them unconscious.

Wiggling, a group of bulls gathered before them. They didn’t appear big at all. They were just as small as the size of a finger. One of them had a huge mustache. He said, “Welcome! I’m the leader and you will be fed to the devil bull tomorrow at sunrise.” “Please don’t feed us to him. We are innocent animals,” Timon pleaded. “We cannot help you. If we don’t feed him he will have one of us for food instead,” the leader replied.

Timon and Pumbaa had actually come to the land of Bulleplets where the devil bull was born out of failed genetic experiment. They tried to convince the bulls that they will help them get rid of this devil. The Bulleplets agreed, though they knew the consequences if they failed.

Pumbaa told them to make a pit of fire and tell the devil bull that they made it for him so he could enjoy hot cooked food. Soon, they were at it. The plan was Timon and Pumbaa would look like tied with a rope. Timon then would divert the devil bull’s attention and when the devil’s back was on Pumbaa, he would push the devil into the pit of fire.

On the day of the feeding, the strategy didn’t go as planned. Timon’s leg got stuck in the rope and before he could escape, the devil already caught him and took him near the pit of fire. Watching his friend nearly cooked, Pumbaa instantly puffed the smelly air with a poisonous arrow and it hit the devil’s neck. In consequence, the devil lost consciousness and he fell into the pit.

Timon and Pumbaa hugged each other in joy. The Bulleplets cried and shouted “Hakuna Matata!”

Timon and Pumbaa, along with all the jungle animals, were granted access to Foodies Paradise whenever they wanted. There was spirit Hakuna Matata everywhere.