Her Dreamy Life

Life is beautiful. The hard or easy game depends on the people. Some people live their life fully while some worry a lot. It’s all about the balance that you should instill in your life. Nothing is impossible if you try with all your heart. You do not need to have certain assets to change the way you live your life.  However, you do not need to be a certain someone or hold special abilities to bring changes in the society and lives of other people.  You are supposed to hold yourself first.  "You" should be your first priority.  We live in the 21st century, yet society has made some norms and still follows them. People do not want to go against those norms, no matter how badly they're affected. The people emphasize following the norms. Someone who comes up with different ideas is treated differently. It's hard to accept but it's the bitter truth of society. *** This is the story of a young girl who's enthusiastic about the arts. She's Ruhana Mittal. She’s a bookaholic, but hey, that doesn’t mean that she’d become an engineer or a doctor. Well, she doesn’t hate thy, but she’s not interested in doing something that everyone is doing. Ruhana is a simple girl. She loves to do things that bring peace to her heart and she feels truly joyful.  She feels that everyone is unique in themselves and life is a journey to find the uniqueness of your persona. She’s the only child of her parents. She’s grown up getting compared to her siblings and cousins. She’s been through many ups and downs in her life, yet she chooses to be the soul that she is. A happy, compassionate and genuine soul. ***  Ruhana is a content manager at a media company. She’s happy with her job. She’s made so many friends at her new job. It seems like they know each other for ages. Finding friends who care for you in every instant is rare. Ruhana is lucky enough to find people who have accepted her with her flaws. She can be her usual self with these friends.  Reaching this stage has been a long journey for Ruhana. It was not easy for her, yet she didn't lose hope. She knew what she wanted and she achieved it. Life is hard, but it depends on the outlook of the people. She’s a content creator, researching things and writing blogs, articles, and poems and stories as well. She's content in her life. As she looks back, she smiles and thanks god that she stood firm on her decision and worked hard in order to achieve her dreams.  *** She’s writing a blog for her website and her topic is a blend of dreams and life. She’s smiling occasionally as she’s typing on her laptop. She’s fully immersed in her work when there’s a tap on her shoulder. She looks up and is happily surprised to find her friend Priyanka by her side. She’s holding two cups of coffee and she passes one to Ruhana. She reads the title of the blog and looks like she’s in awe of what her best buddy is writing.  “Dreams and life? Do you think it’s apt to blend them?” Priyanka asks her first question.  “Yes, it is. Life and dreams go hand in hand. When we’ve got a life from the almighty, why shouldn’t we dream?” Ruhana poses another question in reply to hers.  “Yeah, but then there’s reality hitting you on and off.” She says.  “Yeah, and it will always be there, Pree. You know, it always depends upon the person on how they see it. I mean if I had given up my passion owing to peer pressure, I’d not be here. I’d not met you.” Ruhana says meaningfully.  “Yeah, Ruu. I agree. I am proud of you. I am proud of the woman that you are. It’s like, you’re different from the crowd.” Priyanka says.  “Yeah! It’s painful and hard to be different. Because everyone wants you to do what others are doing. A little step away from usual things, means that you’re going on the wrong way. And I hate this perspective. Well, I’ve been through it.” Ruhana says and sighs deeply.  “Yeah, it’s the same everywhere, I guess. But, it’s bold of you to write it like this.” Priyanka appreciates Ruhana. “It’s the difference of perspectives, Pree. I feel that life comes with a bit of joy and sorrow. Everyone has a chance to dream. Now, it’s up to them how they take this chance. “ Ruhana says and Priyanka agrees to her.  She’s right, though. Dreams can help you realise your goals. And there are excuses everywhere. Some people take excuses and drop many things, or say, they leave their passion and dive into the world where they are least happy. Priyanka looks at her friend. She is proud of Ruhana for the woman she has become.  *** Ruhana trails down memory lane. She’s remembering all the struggles she had to face in her early years. She’s been told many things and she’s still sticking to what she always wanted. Reading has been always her passion. But she can write too, this realisation hit her late. As soon as she realised that she can write nicely, she started looking for platforms to showcase her writings. Well, when there’s a goal, you do things efficiently. At first, she began it as a hobby. Lately, she decided to pursue it as her profession. Well, people told her that she should find a nice job and do writing occasionally. But she hated that. The question is that when she can do writing efficiently, then why not? Things are quite hazed. She wanted to pursue her passion for the profession, which didn’t seem easy. Nothing comes easy in life. You have to make it easy. The same was Ruhana’s case. She started to write for herself, over online platforms. It didn’t come easy but she tried it.  She’s not special, she just chose to be different.  Ruhana snaps out of her thoughts when Priyanka calls her. The latter notices that the former’s eyes are watery. She nudges her, though she knows her thoughts very well.  “Ruu, what’s the matter?” Priyanka asks her.  “Nothing, Pree. Just reminiscing about those moments. And you know what? I have realised that we don’t have to be special to achieve something in our life. We have to be our usual selves. We don’t need to change for someone because they like things in a certain way.” She says while looking at her best friend.  “I agree, Ruhana. I have also noticed that people have made it a benchmark that everyone has to do a certain thing, only then they are living their lives fully.” Priyanka keeps her point.  “Yes, agreed. At times, I’ve felt that when someone thinks out of the league, he/she is pin-pointed and treated differently. And this is what hurts me. Why can’t anyone be the person they want to be? Why is there a format to follow?” Ruhana says and puts up her question.  “It’s only done for people’s satisfaction. It’s because differences are never respected.” Priyanka keeps her point and sighs deeply.  “Yeah, being different is like being an alien. I don’t know why people think that being an engineer or doctor is the normal thing to do.” Ruhana shrugs her shoulders.  “That’s a tough thing to answer. But yes, we should continue doing what we are doing. We shouldn’t leave our passion, you know.” Priyanka says and Ruhana agrees with it.  She smiles at her friend and continues typing in her blog. Well, talking with her best friend has given her some ideas and she’s penning them down. Priyanka nudges her to have her coffee but the young girl is furiously typing her heart out. She’s hurt because she’s been through the same pain — all due to her different aura. She’s different and she learnt it when she finished school. When she entered college, she got famished with online sites featuring short tales and since then she’s creating content. She chose to be a writer, instead of a coder or software developer.  Creating new content is her thing. It makes her happy. People around her tell her that she should find a nice job and take writing second place. Well, it’s not wrong, but she wants to be a content developer. She’s a blogger, she enjoys reading stories and loves creating them too. It’s not easy at all.  Creating something is a difficult task. Why do people feel that taking traditional jobs is more beneficial than rather following their heart? Why being different is objectionable? It’s no big deal, but a very big deal in itself. We should just follow our hearts. :)  Ruhana is busy typing when Priyanka nudges her. She forwards the coffee mug to her friend and eyes her. The former laughs and holds the mug hearing her friend’s scolding. Ruhana is the kind of person who forgets to even eat and drink when she’s working on something or when she’s writing. She looks at her friend innocently.  “Why are you scolding me? I am working.” Ruhana says innocently.  “Yeah, and you forget everything. This is not a contest, Ruu. When it comes to things which you have experienced, you almost forget yourself.” Priyanka scolds her.  “Pree! Sowwy naa! I will take care.” Ruhana makes a sad face while looking at her best friend.  “I know how you do so. You need someone to buck you up.” Priyanka makes a face.  “Ah! I have you, I don’t need anyone else. You know, you’re a sweetheart!” Ruhana says and hugs Priyanka.  “Don’t act sweet, Ruu! You need scolding!” Priyanka rolls her eyes at her best friend.  “Okay, fine! You can do so! But only you, okay? Coz you’re different, like me.” Ruhana says and giggles at the moment.  “Haha! That’s nice, Ruhana. It’s a blessing to have like-minded people near you. I am glad we found each other.” Priyanka states her feelings.  “So true! That’s a good point, Pree. I’ll write it right away.” Ruhana chuckles and turns her gaze to her laptop.  Priyanka shakes her head, she knows, her friend would be busy for the next hour. She will only heave a sigh of relief when she will finish her blog. She trails down memory lane when she’s been taunted for being immersed in writing. She’s been listening to all the rants for being different from the league.  Life has been difficult for these two girls. But they have come out of it. Both of them are content writers and budding authors. They’ve been living together for 6 months and are happy in their lives. Priyanka smiles and then pulls Ruhana in a hug surprising her. She hugs her back tightly.  “Pree, what happened? All good?” She’s startled at the moment.  “Nothing much! I just wanted to thank you.” Priyanka says, she’s being emotional.  “Ah! I should be more thankful to you, Pree. You’ve been there always. We are lucky to have each other, aren’t we?” Ruhana says.  “You’re right, Ruu. I am glad for the same reason. And yeah, our dreams made us meet. And they will make us what we aspire to be.” Priyanka says with a smile.  “When we’ve got a life, we’ve got the right to dream. And therefore, it goes hand in hand.” Ruhana says softly.  “Agreed! Dreams are beautiful and our passion to fulfil them makes them more lively.” Priyanka says.  Ruhana agrees. She’s re-reading her text and then she’s thoughtful. Life is a beautiful blend of your thoughts and actions. You can sculpt your life in the way you want. It is in your hands to design the life you want to live. You have to make your dreams come true. You need to work hard.  There is no big deal if you’re different. Until and unless you work hard for your dreams and goals, it’s a great journey. No one can let you down. You need to focus on your dreams. And that’s the end of the story.  Ruhana smiles to herself and continues to write her blog. Yep, she believes that dreams are hard to realise but if you work for them you can achieve them. Anything that needs to be taken care of is the dreams that you see with open eyes.  You need to manifest for your dreams to come true. You have to work hard in order to realise the dreams that you see. Being different is all about doing a new thing and being a pro at it. You need to work for your dreams with a pure heart. You need to be your usual self and not change yourself because of some people who don’t like to see you grow.  Life is good when you are being your original self.  Ruhana pauses to read what she’s written when Priyanka again taps her shoulder and serves her a dosa treat. Today is Sunday, and this week, it’s Priyanka’s turn to cook food and she’s made sure to treat her best friends with all yummy treats. Ruhana chuckles joyfully to see the dosa and saves her blog as a draft. She looks at Priyanka who’s holding two plates of dosa.  “Yeah! It’s a good day, Pree! I’m getting so many yummy treats. Yay!” Ruhana chuckles.  “Anything for you! But I want you to finish your work so that we can go shopping. There’s a lot to shop Sweets!” Priyanka says while savouring her dosa.  “Ah! Okay! Just a bit is left. Thinking some lines to finish it.” Ruhana says and is lost in her own thoughts.  She’s always expected to do things that others have done. She agrees there are drawbacks to everything but you cannot drop it completely. If it’s your passion, you shouldn’t drop it, instead, you should try and work hard to balance everything. Yes, it can be hard but not impossible. You need to balance as it as the balance is the key to our life.  It may appear difficult but it isn’t impossible, she feels. Being used to comparisons and getting taunted for being different, Ruhana wants to show her worth to the world. Well, it’s not easy but at the same time, it’s not impossible to achieve your goal.  The desire to achieve your dreams ignites a fire that lets you achieve your goals. It should be the same way if you’re really immersed deep into your passion and working for the same.  Ruhana sighs deeply as she reads the last line that she has written. She has become what she aspired to be and she’s content with it. It’s been a topsy-turvy journey for her and she’s glad to finally achieve her goal.  Life is a maze, it lets you take rounds and paves your way to your destination, surely. You have to keep working towards your goals. Aspirations can take a toll on you, but you need to handle them wisely.  Yeah, you are not special, you’re just an ordinary person who wishes to fulfil your dreams. Make your life all the more special by realising your dreams.   That’d be a win! Win of an ordinary soul in an extraordinary manner.  Ruhana finishes writing her blog and re-read it. She’s happy with what she has written and she clicks the publish button. Ah! A long journey summed up together and she’s content for the same.  Her eyes fall on her friend who’s busy with some work. She’s happy to have found her and things are falling into their place eventually.  What’s more special than being different? Just be as you are, be the soul that you’ve always been. That’s how you could sum up your journey of being different and beautiful.    Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!