Honey and Bunny, the Jodi No.1

Honey and Bunny, the Jodi No.1

Honey and Bunny are greatly inspired by Reporter Dada, their neighbour. One day, they get hold of a camera and soon they begin their journey.

Honey, you take the interview while I shoot it on the camera,” advice Bunny.

But, you haven’t held a camera in your life!” Honey gets surprised.

“I can drive a tractor. And, this camera is just a trifle!”

“Oh! If he can drive a tractor he can shoot on a camera too!” Honey welcomes the idea.

Thus, their interview begins.

First, it is Ronny, their arrogant friend, who thinks himself to be a boxer.

“I can prove that you are not a boxer.”

“I’ll punch your face if you can’t prove me otherwise,” yelled Ronny.

Bunny, tactfully, impersonates Ronny’s mother’s voice and calls him to come home at the earliest. Ronny, immediately, obeys the voice.

The two have a hearty laugh, “We have filmed it. It will soon be in the news.”

They also interview some of their other friends and goof up too.

Finally, they target, Golu, the bully. They dress accordingly to hide.

“Since you have been selected as the bravest boy you have to stay in that derelict house for a night.”

“W-H-A-T!” Poor Golu! And, the two capture his frightful moments easily.

However, in that hullabaloo, the masks fall and the brothers get exposed.

Golu gets ferociously angry, “I will…” and he falls down at their feet lest his true nature gets revealed.

God knows how but their friends land up there. All beg, plead and order them to delete the captures. Only when their mummy explains to them the need for an ethical way of news reporting that the foolish kids agree to delete their filming.

And, then Bunny shocks everyone,

“Oh! I have forgotten to turn on the camera!”


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