If Only

If Only

I’m writhing in pain, excruciating
Bit by bit, ‘tis killing me from within,
Feebly, I weep and plea for reprieve
Hoping you’ll realize and not deprive,
All I want is to live a fair life
Sans the torment, sans any strife;

~ If only you could feel my pain

Suffocated I am by the fumes you set free
I wonder if you’ve plans to slowly kill me,
In your quest for progress, you ignore 
And tar our symbiotic bond, furthermore,
Some days, I revolt by inviting the tempest
But it hardly takes the weight off my chest;

~ If only you could hear my cries

So each time you scathe a part of me
I indulge myself on a restoration spree,
With the help of rain, I repair and regain
Knowing that you’ll torture me, again,
Despite all your unfair deeds, I stand loyal
For, if I cease to function, it’ll destroy all.
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