In New England’s Embrace

In New England’s Embrace

In New England’s embrace, he was born
A bard of woods and snowy morns
Robert Frost, with heart so true
His words like whispers, soft they grew
Amidst the fields and windswept lanes
He found his muse, where nature reigns
A path less trodden, his delight
Guiding him through day and night
With pen in hand and thoughts ablaze
He penned verses in myriad ways
From “Stopping by Woods” to “Birches” tall
His poems weave a magic thrall
A farmer’s life he knew full well
Through toil and sweat, his stories swell
A seeker of truths, he ventured far
In every line, a shining star
With every stanza, rhyme, and word
Robert Frost’s voice forever heard
A legacy, timeless and bright
A poet’s journey, pure, bright, and true.
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