Journey of a trail blazer

Arpita Bhattacharya posted under Flash Fiction QuinTale-52 on 2023-05-23

Melanie was unsure. The brown curls, hazel-green eyes, and pale skin tone reminded her of someone; but it was hard to recall... The azure blue skies greeted her, as she stepped up and entered her office. The sudden flutter of activities gave her a flashback-the docile girl with pony tail carrying files and making small notes of schedules.  The present ambience was a stark contrast to her earlier office space, she had been used to. As she made her way into her chamber surrounded by frosted glass and cool interiors, she advanced to greet her boss, Melanie Sparks. ‘Why! You look beautiful my dear! The company wishes to be carried aloft on newer heights .’ After a warm handshake and a tour of the departments, Benny Steel, sat down on her chair and began to take note of the schedules at hand. The time for the afternoon break saw an empty hall space as the staff had left for the canteen, and Benny remembered.... She was a girl of eighteen, and trying to gain a hold of the corporate space. It was clearly a time to equip herself with the decorum, swift work, appearing pleasant even in the face of odds. Then arrived Melanie Sparks. She was authoritative, and sharp tongued . Benny Steel was always at a loss of words. She felt her knees shake. Soon, she would be receiving a sweep of insults , showing,  how poor she performed. She was called; a nincompoop, a doll without a brain. She bore as long as she could, but then she quit one day. She didnot wait for her pay day. She just left! She tried her best not to weep as the tube reached station. She gathered her wits and as she shuddered in the cold afternoon rain, she steeled herself. She would trace her route back to the office someday, but in an unrecognizable avatar. She  built herself from within.  She took classes for office management, learnt languages and began to groom herself. From a plain Jane, she turned sporty, confident and alert. She joined offices and learnt the nuances. There was none to pat her back except herself, after crossing every hurdle. She turned as she chaired the managerial position of  Translantic Travels and Tours, she  found herself at home. Meanwhile, the break was over and the staff had trickled in the office cubicles.  Melanie Sparks entered with Benny’s resume in hand. She appeared pale, but she kept her discomfort under wraps. As she sat facing Benny Steel, she spoke softly. ‘’Are you Bean; ah ...Benny who used to work for me back in  Westbridge office?’’ ‘’Yes, Melanie, it is me! Once you had me gone for good. You felt me to be a disaster for your company. But look; it is I you now hold as an asset. I had promised myself, that I will prove myself worthy, and so I have.” The rest of the day saw two women, a boss and her manager -trail blazers.     Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!