Journey to the Center of ‘Self’

Dark black clouds blanket the enormous sky, neither the sounds of thunders nor the sparks of lightening petrified her. She sat by the beach drenching in the heavy downpour. Stifled in the sea of her own calamity, the heavy storm seemed bijou. Her thoughts lingered to the past, "Dad, I've decided to marry Yash." She moved out her happy home, like a bird eager to fly off to far distances. Sia built a new nest with Yash, to face this world together. Just when their families welcomed them back, the life had its own plans to blemish. Facing every hardship, Sia became a stranger in her own life. Compromised, weakened, untutored, bewildered, she accepted being diffident. Losing everything she thought that can ever be earned back, the path to self-murder seemed her only choice. "I have never been the good daughter, my parents wanted. Nor could become the wife my husband anticipated.  Why drag them into my sea of gloom? Why can't I end my life and solve their biggest muddle?" Processing thoughts Sia walked towards the deserted sea, with none to rescue in this heavy storm, her execution seemed perfect. For one last time Sia opened her arms to the vast ocean and hugged herself. She thanked the Deity for a life and this body. A huge thunder with a massive lightening roared into the sky as she coercively drowned herself. But moments later, Sia woke up on the beach bed, while the water stirred her body, she faintly kept hearing her name. As she struggled to breath and open her eyes to the wide clear sky, Sia saw a dark image, a young lady of her age dragging her out. The face looked very familiar, but she couldn't recognize. The kind lady helped Sia walk back and sit far away from those eager waves that wanted to tug her back.  Sia wept her heart out, tears flooded her eyes, while the lady looked placid and held onto her a little tighter like she knew her from the beginning. Sia raised her tired eyes and gazed into the young colleen's. Those charming pair of brown eyes assured her true companionship. The warmth of her arms wrapped around Sia guaranteed entity. This lady walked into Sia's life like a ray of hope, a mentor whom she always desired for. She helped Sia overcome the depression and step into a new life. Divorce, self-independence had not only changed Sia's life forever, but becoming a part of NGOs, where people like her needed help gave a purpose to live.  Despite her beautiful new life, no one ever witnessed that lady who succored her. People gossip about Sia talking to herself. Amidst the crisis in her own life, Sia found a partner within herself. The hatred and depression in life visualized the real Sia, she always wanted to be. While people call it a disorder, she welcomed a colorful life of self-love and lived like a diva.   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!