Kamin's Daughter

Penmancy posted under Book Review on 2023-07-14

Nithya Sashi’s The Kamin’s Daughter is an intense and emotional story that exposes the harsh realities of life in coal mines. The unique setting lends a certain rawness that is enhanced by the author’s powerful and poignant storytelling. The main protagonist of this story is Koena, an investigative journalist working with a TV network. On the surface, she has it all; a loving husband, an exciting job, and new projects in the pipeline. She is popular, respected, and has a good social standing; a seemingly perfect life. Soon, the layers unravel, and the reader learns some truths about Koena. Under the façade of a successful person is a scared girl with a traumatic childhood. Her anchor is Shom, her husband, with whom she shares a loving relationship. Soon, she discovers that nothing is what it appears to be. The story covers two seemingly unrelated incidents- a deadly blast in the Chirimiri coal mines that leaves many miners dead, and a bomb blast at the residence of the Delhi CM. Koena finds herself entangled in this intricate web, without realizing how close it hits home. She discovers that Shom might have something to do with the blast, leaving her torn, and leading her to resort to some drastic measures.  Sometimes, you have to tear your family apart to bring them back again. Will Koena be able to find a resolution without losing the relationships she values the most? The author’s research shines through with extensive detailing of the living conditions in the mines. The women who pick up the mined coal and load it onto the trucks are called Kamins. These workers are poor and at the mercy of the coal mafia and corrupt politicians. The mining zones are also Naxalite hotbeds, and the reader gets insights into how they operate and what their objective is. In due course, Koena’s initial revulsion for Naxalites is replaced by a reluctant understanding.  Who is right? Who is wrong? Is it all a matter of perspective? The relationship between Shom and Koena is complex; they are each other’s support system, but at times act controlling and toxic towards one another. As a reader, I wanted another last chapter where they resolve their issues, so that the ending didn’t seem rushed. The author maintains pace and tension throughout by releasing snippets of information that provide new angles and motives. The characters are memorable; each one tries to conquer the demons of the past while moving ahead. The Kamin’s Daughter is a complex tale of politics, journalism, relationships, and their gradual redemption, to be read and enjoyed for it's unique, suspense-filled plot. ~*~ Get your copy here: