It’s an ever-growing bee line
They’ve been waiting since forever
Angst cough and impatience fever
When was the last time things were fine?

White coated soldiers fight
Saving people’s lives recklessly
Without caring for their own.
Bearing insults and frustration

People who recently crowded to party,
Now form a mob to aggress burnt-out doctors.

Whirring sirens forebodes gloom dooms
New variant sneaks a shrewd peek
Loving screening tests’ hide and seek
Fear of rising Covid deaths looms.

Monitors constantly flash and beep
Patient gasps as oxygen falls short
Intensive care promptly issued
A patient stabilised but till when?
The next one has already lost the battle
And the shift isn’t over yet.

Doctors waiting with bated breaths.
As casualties wheel in, short of breath.

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