Lost Among the Trees

Lost Among the Trees

It was pitch black dark Sunday night, in the month of October, trees were swaying with the breeze. Coming back from the birthday party, I was lost on the street, wandering helplessly, hell worried. The street lights were not functional and there was no public conveyance available. I tried to book a cab online, but to add to my bad luck, my phone was running out of battery. I scolded myself for being so careless while leaving and also the idea to attend a birthday party, so late at night, that too on a remote place!

The picture of my parents’ worried faces flashed in my mind, and I gathered my courage to look for help from some locals. Then I saw a house at a lonely place. Its lights were blinking at a constant pace. I was scared to hell and I knew, it’s an insane idea to take shelter over there, but I had no option. I went over there and tried to call the owner of the house, but got no response in return. I was completely drenched in sweat out of fear, but with courage, I opened the door and went in. A flock of bats ran away immediately, adding to my fear and nervousness, and I screamed. Then I looked around, it was shabby inside with old furniture, and a long staircase, that looked like a serpent tail. I could sense someone’s scorching gaze, but unable to locate, so I discarded that feeling, and decided to stay in the house for the night and leave at dawn. But after a few minutes, I was shaking out of fear and decided to leave that place. But as I took a step towards the door, it was slammed shut with a bang!

Creepy and eerie noises started and the house started to collapse. I could hear an insane laugh and I knew that it was a haunted house, and I was trapped in it!

Several ants came out of nowhere, and started crawling towards me. I was horrified for choosing such a lonely place and started praying to God, and then I saw a window, that was about to collapse. I ran towards it and climbed out of it. My hands were injured and my legs were scratched. The moment I climbed down, my legs felt like jelly and when I turned around, that house was nowhere to be seen!

I was frightened to the depth of my soul but it was not the right time to give in, so I collected myself and ran out of that place, despite no energy. My heart was thumping and I was panting heavily, but that flight kept me running farther and farther, thanks to my adrenaline rush!

Finally, I saw a police van, patrolling on that road, I went to them, explained things and took their help. It was a miracle, that I reached home safe and sound!

I took a pledge, to never act recklessly in future!

Author’s Note:

It is a flash fiction horror story that revolves around a girl who was trapped in a haunted house
and how she escaped, and reached home. It is based on the closing lines of the flash fiction story-
The Broken Hearted Girl, written by Sheerin Shahab.
P.S. This is my first attempt to write a story, so please enjoy reading, and feel free to give your

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