Love can save a soul

Love can save a soul

I was turned down, all alone and sad,
Just like a stranded dog left to saunter a street.
It was then I realised that my life was going bad,
I renounced every challenge I happened to meet.

Till that night I saw someone who changed my ways.
It was a man I knew and disliked so much,
but the way I felt when my eyes met his gaze
I forgot my troubles, my sorrows and such.

He helped me to come out of a hellish, dingy hole.
I got my thoughts back on track and my heart set in place.
He filled up feelings, one that never felt full.
He got rid of my hatred, which I can never re-trace.

It was then I noticed how my life became better, for sure.
He became my knight in shining armour, a gift from above
My life would be nothing had I never met him,
I’m glad I have someone whom I love.


Romila (Novemberschild)
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3 thoughts on “Love can save a soul

  1. A poem with a beautiful message and a captivating title. However, the use of ‘dingy hole’ does not seem appealing to the overall effect of the poem. Also, the last stanza do not follow the rhyme scheme that this entry was sent for. Overall, this poem is an attestation that, with a little or more help, people do change for the better and life becomes more meaningful when shared with others. Nice attempt.

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