Love is Love

“May I redeem the souls tainted by the sins of their body.” “May I salvage the good that remains.” “May I lead lost minds to paths newfound.” “For God what you say shall be done.” Megha whimpered as blood dripped down her face. The man in the white robe chanted constantly. She nodded, pulling at the ties binding her hands and legs. She scanned the dilapidated building around her. It looked like an old church. The walls were cracked, covered with ivy. The statue of mother Mary had blackened with moss. The man’s robe was white and new in contrast. “Look at me child.” She trembled at his voice. “You have sinned. You know not what you do. Let me show you the light.” Megha tried to scurry away, but her fear froze her body. He was holding a razor and a cross. He slowly moved behind her and stroked her curls. She tried to shake off his hand, but he gripped her hair. He pulled her head back. She stared into his upside-down face. It reminded her of the demon her granny always spoke about, his eyes cold, no warmth, no feeling, just purpose. “That’s right my child. I see the good in you.” He meticulously shaved her head. She wept as tufts of her beautiful hair floated to the floor. Placing the razor in a tray, he turned back with a brandishing iron and put it to her back. Her scream was caught in her throat, and she passed out. As she tumbled to the floor, he smiled satisfied. He motioned a disciple by the door to take her away and washed his hands. Palms resting on his chest he walked out of the chamber and smiled at two anxious faces. “Mr. and Mrs. Sathe, don’t worry your child will be redeemed.” Mr. Sathe gulped. “She will not run behind girls anymore?” The man in the white robes looked at the sky and replied, “HE wants her to follow his path and she shall be my disciple till she learns what is right by God. Till then rest assured.” With those words he left. Mrs. Sathe looked perplexed. “Something doesn’t feel right. Ms. D’ Mello had said he would treat her.” Mr. Sathe huffed. “Its better this way. Eloping with that girl? Wanting to marry her? What was she thinking! Such disgrace.” He paused to look at the closed door. The church felt like a prison.  “Let’s go. She has to be here till she learns that some things just can’t be.” Mr. and Mrs. Sathe walked out of the gate. Megha lay, barely aware, on the cold floor in some room in the church, dreaming of her love. “Anjali,” she whispered as the she was pulled into the dark depths of unconsciousness.   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!