Love Thyself  

“Hellloooo!” he called out surveying his strange neighbour. “Hello,” replied his neighbour nervously. “Glad to meet you. Nice place, isn’t it?” he said, looking around. “Hmmm...” his neighbour seemed reluctant for a conversation. But, that didn’t deter his spirit. He was his usual garrulous self.  “I’m Might. You are?” He asked, trying to break the ice with his new companion. No answer except for a sigh. Wherever he was, Might became the centre of attention exuding warmth and friendliness. Many looked up to him as a guiding star. “I’m just being myself. And, I love the way I’m.” He was usually found saying when asked about his magnetic personality. “You’re Thor, right? The print says so,” Might barged into Thor’s thoughts, refusing to give up. “Yes I’m, Might. I’m upset. Can I beg of a little privacy?” Thor retorted. “Well, well, look who’s finally decided to open up. And, may I ask why you’re sad? Your secret’s safe with me, friend,” Might replied, completely ignoring his request. “Ummm...well...hmmm...I hate myself. I hate my looks. Fat, stubby, ugly and whatnot. I’m nobody compared to my tall, handsome, and lanky counterparts,” Thor spoke in a single breath and cracked into silent sobs. “That’s quite a confession, friend. Let me help you. Firstly, please understand that appearances are God-given. We didn’t have a say in it while we were created. Learn to accept and love the way you are. Only if and when you fall in love with yourself, will the world love you for what you are.” “Hmmm...easy for you to say. I mean...look at you. Strong and handsome as ever. I’m sure you don’t have a care in this world,” Thor huffed. “And, that, dear amigo, comes to my second piece of advice. You never know what are the battles that the ones around are fighting. Every living being has his share of struggles on this planet. I have my own, which you’d be unaware of.” Thor glanced at him wondering what could possibly be the challenges a sturdy Banyan tree like Might would have to face. “You’ve a point, Might,” whispered Thor, the cactus, running his hand through his thorns that he felt disgusted about. “If you feel that your thorns make you ugly, think again. They fill up the pores through which water from your reservoirs may evaporate in a desert-like habitat.” Might didn’t leave any stone unturned in pepping Thor up. He adored Might with a newfound respect. “You weave magic with your dose of motivation.” Thor smiled. “Ah, thank you.” Might grinned. Meanwhile, a 6-year-old ambled towards the rack where the books, Might, the friendly Banyan Tree and How Thor, the Cactus, learnt about self-love were placed beside each other. He loved the bookstore for its amazing collections. He picked up the book on Thor and hurried to the cash-counter. “Didn’t I just tell you to love yourself so that the world would love you more?” Might called out to Thor, tapping his roots in a happy-dance.   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!