Magical Day and Night

Magical Day and Night

Ah, the simplistic pleasures
Of just being;
Resting comfortably on the balcony swing
Looking at the sunrise
As the misty morning unfolds,
The golden rays cascading
On my aura
Making it vibrant and alive.
The morning dew on each flower bud
Is so magically infused;
A visual ethereal treat
For the weary eyes,
A sparkling layer of these pearls,
A magnificent display of shimmering crystals
Emitting delicious enchantment.
As the day moves ahead,
The soft breeze
Caresses me tenderly
Filling me with gratitude
And love for what I have.
I watch resplendent nature with awe
As it gives so much in unending ways.
Soon, it’s time for sunset,
The orange ball of fire
Disappears with miraculous ease,
Effortlessly letting go of what was
With no complaints.
The peach and pink hues turn to dark blue
And then inky black;
Diaphanous clouds move rhythmically
As millions of stars
Twinkle in the vast firmament
And the silver moon dancing along 
With them all night,
Splashing swirls of fairy dust
As I slip into serene, magical slumber!

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