Mortality’s Melodic Muse

Mortality’s Melodic Muse

Wings weave intricate patterns a fleeting ballet
life’s delicate dance graceful flutter in transience
a fragile moment held squeezed in a fleeting gaze.

Reminders etched unwavering in mortality’s clasp
youthful dreams once chased with carefree exuberance
gripped by loss truths carve lines on weathered faces.

Delicate memories linger resisting the erasing touch
soulful elegies whispered vanished spirits in the breeze
hope alights on butterfly’s wings a flight from despair.

Glowing light treasuring the scarcity of time’s jewels
tenacity blooms tending wounds with the gentlest touch
as the globe of time weaves stories both known and unknown.

Threads spin beginnings while others are unraveled
moments unfurl secrets like whispers that linger
life discovers its unique melody in the transient flight.

Twinklings intertwine between the opus of existence
notes of fleeting beauty echoing through time’s expanse
each heartbeat a verse in life’s intricate design.
Author’s Note:
Amidst fleeting moments, ‘Mortality’s Melodic Muse’ weaves a dance of existence. Through loss and light, the poem whispers profound truths, reminding us to cherish life’s delicate melodies and timeless stories. 
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