My Babu’s World

My Babu’s World

Surreptitiously you crept to my door
Timid and pavid within……… 
Seeking for my hands and nothing more, 
I am the mammoth pillar you entwine to creep
To familiarise with the azure belt and the verdant carpet beneath. 

You confide in me to discover the uncouth estates
That intimidates you with dubiety……….. 
In your figgy russet eyes the entire world pervades, 
You burrow deep in my lap for prolong solace
And to refrain from this enigmatic world that may ridicule on your face. 

You have the retention to bemuse the hearts with your profuse melodious strains
Infusing the freshness of morning glory…………… 
Together we shall traverse the musical terrain, 
So what, if I am the declining radiance of sinking sun?  
You shall emit fragrance being the dawn’s newly bloomed exposition

I shall steal all worries, that torments your dreams
The soft thread of my selvage, shall fence your reflective sky……….. 
Propagating all gaiety in your life’s stream, 
The occurrence of your birthday, physically takes you a year ahead
But l know your sterling soul shall never learn to trade.

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