My Best Teacher

My Best Teacher

Life is a continuous learning and reading process
It does impart and teach lessons without a recess
All lessons are without lectures, books and classrooms nonetheless
We remember them for a lifetime ; failed or passed nevertheless

My best teacher undoubtedly was who taught me English
She was determined each of her students became a linguist
Though some could between there’s and theirs not distinguish
She was determined no Oxymoron would give us anguish

She made me fall in love with prose and poetry
Her narration and explanation used to awe me totally
Still remember her rich voice reciting Innisfree by Yeats
Making words come to life was one of her feats

She was an epitome of love and understanding 
Her command over language and words was outstanding
In class her presence was solemn and commanding
Being petite and dainty in demeanor notwithstanding

Use words to mend never to bend she taught me
Always think before you speak was her constant plea
Correct words will build bridges for all to see
Heartfelt gratitude and tribute my teacher I pay thee
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