My Magical Place

My Magical Place

From where I sit, far yonder the eye sees
The magnificent mountains and coniferous trees
With myriad shades of brown, blue and green
The striking vista so peaceful and serene
Oh here! My weary soul is at peace.

The emerald meadow is dotted with gems
As colorful offerings on delicate stems
They shimmy and shimmer in the gentle breeze
“Won’t you linger for a moment please?”
With the spry river sparkling at its ruffs and hems.

High in the sky the eagle soars
Close to my rock the river roars
In her heart she captures the green and blue
Laughter and stories of people too
And takes these memories to distant shores.

Once to such a land I had been
This stunning sight my eyes had seen
But I didn’t have my heart’s fill
Obligations, they were a call shrill
To go back once more I am most keen.

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