My Philia, My Brother

My Philia, My Brother

I vividly remember the day you ambled into my life,
A tiny bundle, swaddled in white,
Coupled with excitement were fears galore,
One glance at you, I became protective, anxiety cruised.

The first sign of recognition was your brilliant smile,
Seated by your bedside, I watched you grow,
With your wobbly steps, you followed my voice,
You looked up to me; I always guided you.

Separations were heartaches, so was going to school,
I left with a longing to get back home soon.
We played scrabble and carom; read under a tent,
With giggles and laughter, childhood flew.

Teenage came with secrets and heartbreaks,
Some were divulged, others buried deep inside,
We sailed turbulent waters, conspired through the mayhem,
We shared a unique bond; I for you and you for me.

Today, as I begin a new phase of my life,
I am reassured, for I know I can always fall back on you,
Somewhere along the way, the equations changed,
You became my strength, my protector, my philia, my brother.
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