O Sunshine

Sprinkle some of yourself on my front lawn Where I usually sit, sipping coffee at dawn Let the yellow in your gold kiss my cheeks Let it caress me like I would to a gentle fawn Filter down for a few days, even a few weeks For the sodden grass, nay, everything reeks Of moldy moisture that the rain had brought Sunshine your stay my heart eagerly seeks. Wrap me in warmth, aah! The solace is sought The heater is useless, the one I recently bought My aged arthritic bones creak with grim pain They crave a loving embrace and else naught O sunshine, come, chase away this infernal rain I prefer the sunny days so I don’t need my cane This winter of my life is sapping me to the bone Be my companion until I leave the earthly plain. ___________________________ For more of such content follow us on Social Media: